Our story

We help people grow and organizations build relationships that mean something. Our goal is to recognize people for doing good and be motivated to act and learn in a fun and personal way. Grwo was tested at hundreds of universities to fully understand what drives the next generation.

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Our promise

  • Your profile is your personal property.

    We won't force you to do anything you don't want.

  • We will always encourage to play well with others.

    Closed ecosystems are divisive and outdated.

  • Room to grow and get recognition.

    It shouldn't be just for the few.

  • Technology should assist you and evolve with you.

    Letting you get on with enjoying your life.

  • Simple is always better.

The team

We are a team which embraces the art of data and loves to gamify life.

Our mission is to create cultures of learning which results in making a positive impact on people's life and work in a fun way. Our expert team is fueled by deep understanding of both corporate and next-generation ecosystems.

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You can contact us at hello@grwo.co or feel free to pop in for a coffee:

Grwo B.V.
Anthony Fokkerweg 1
1059 CM, Amsterdam
The Netherlands